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Fei (Frank) Feng English 1C Research Paper Dr Walter 12-06-2006 The earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. " Mahatma Gandhi Human Being Is Only A Dot How long has the earth existed? The online Wikipedia says, “The history of Earth covers approximately 4 billion years (4,567,000,000 years)” (History of Earth). How long has the human beings existed? “Several Yale scientists, after gathering fossil fragments in the foothills of India's high Himalayas, suggested that humans may have parted from their ape cousins as far back as 14 million years ago ” ( Human being). The history of human being is only one small fragment which flows in the river of the history of earth. Compared to the whole planet, human beings are merely a small part of the whole environmental system. People merely stay at the middle of the food chain which is built up from the thousands of species that live on the earth. We, the people live on the planet, are not as important as we used to think. Human beings are one of those thousands of species that live on the earth. They stay in the middle layer of the whole food chain and being one of the insignificant factors in the environment system. Actually, human beings are only a small dot on the picture of earth. Nevertheless, most people do not realize this reality. In their minds, human beings are the so-called higher level animals on the earth. They believe that people are the animals which have evolved to be the master of the earth. John Bellamy Foster, an environmental writer, lists four tendencies of capitalism. In his book The Vulnerable
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Planet, he, “(1) the only lasting connection between things is the cash nexus; (2) it doesn’t matter where something goes as long as it doesn’t reenter the circuit of capital; (3) the self-regulating market knows best; and (4) nature’s bounty is a free gift to the property owner” (Foster 120). People develop their technologies for their own joy. They invent different tools to help them achieve their goals. However, most of the actions that people do are actually damaging the earth. Earth is the landlord of people, not the baby-sitter who always accepts the damages that people do to it without taking revenge. The landlord punishes people with his catastrophic penalties if the people who live in his apartment always harm the house. People always extract something out from the ground, pump water out from the lakes, and poison the air around them with the waste air comes from their industries. After people have done so much damage to earth, they will start to receive the revenge from the earth. The Earth has taken revenge in the form of changes in its environment. After human beings’ harmful work, the earth shows people lessons regarding how to treat the planet. Basically, the planet takes his revenge based on five areas. They are food, natural hazards, water, air pollution, and global warming. Food:
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essay 3 - Fei (Frank) Feng English 1C Research Paper Dr...

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