The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan

The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan The Vice President's Role The U-Turn "Vice President Bush was in the air over Texas. I remember vividly the image of [Alexander] Haig, in a trench coat, shouting over a bad connection, "George, it's Al...turn around...turn around!" They couldn't communicate until the Bush was on the ground. "The Helm" Presidential control was in Haig's hands, along with the "football", until Bush actually landed. The 25 Amendment th It is in place for situations exactly like this one. The papers that put the amendment into action were hidden by Richard Darman, Reagan's aide. Ties to the Hinckley's The Hinckley's were acquainted with the bush family. The Hinckley family had made large contributions to the Bush campaign. History The friendship between the Hinckley and the Bush families goes back more than a decade to their endeavors of the Texan oil fields. Dinner George H. W. Bush's son Neil was to have dinner with Hinckley's Brother the day after the assassination attempt. Reactions "From what I know and I've heard, they (the Hinckleys) are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign." Sharon Bush Reactions On Monday, Neil Bush said he did not know if he had ever met John Hinckley. Reactions Since both families were in the oil business it was possible that George W. Bush could have crossed John's Path. George W. Bush did not recall meeting the suspect. "It's certainly conceivable that I met him of might have been introduced to him but I do not recognize his face." Bibliography Allen, Richard V. "THE DAY REAGAN WAS SHOT." Atlantic Monthly (10727825) 287, no. 4 April 2001: 6469. Academic Search Elite. EBSCOhost. St. Charles CityCounty Library. 11 September 2007 <>. "Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting." The Associated Press, Domestic News 31 March 1981 PM cycle. Mason, K.C. "HinckleyBush connection." United Press International, Distribution: Texas 31 March 1981 AM cycle. Morris, Geoffrey. ""The President Has Been Shot": Confusion, Disability, and the 25th Amendment in the Aftermath of the Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan." National Review 44.n7. April 13, 1992: 57(2). Student Resource Center Gold. Thomson Gale. St. Charles CityCounty Library. 11 September 2007 <>. Mossman, John. "Family Destroyed By Assassination Attempt." The Associated Press 1 April 1981 PM cycle. "Previous Houston [Report Links Suspect with Bushes]." United Press International 31 March 1981 PM cycle. Walla, Theresa. "New novel questions probe of Reagan shooting." United Press International 9 March 1985 BC cycle. ...
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