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Chapter 3, Ethical Relativism
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Ethical Relativism Chapter 3
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How to deal with moral differences: Moral nihilism There is nothing, therefore nothing is ultimately right or wrong A type of meta-ethic Problems with MN Moral skepticism Cannot know if there are any moral truths Problems with MS
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How to deal with moral differences Ethical Relativism: Individual relativism Moral values are only personal inner states which cannot be compared with other’s and thus are only valid for the person who hold them. Problems with IR Cultural relativism
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How to deal with moral differences Universalism: Soft universalism There are a few universal moral truths that humans have in common. Hard universalism One (not many) moral absolute code
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Basic Tenants of Cultural Relativism 1. Different societies have different moral codes 1. There is no objective standard that can be used to judge one societal code to be better that another
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