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20073_280_MT_Study_Guide - The Agency Model Amplitude...

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20073 MUIN 280 Midterm Study Guide The following list is representative of the concepts, terms and names encountered in the lectures and reading (not necessarily complete). Be prepared for multiple choice questions. Study all class notes, and don’t forget to use the PDFs. Semaphore Visual telegraph Electromagnetic telegraph Samuel F.B. Morse Morse code European model of commercialization “Natural monopoly” American Telegraph Federation Western Union Transatlantic cable Gutta percha 1st transatlantic message Cyrus Field Guglielmo Marconi Modulation Audion tube Triode tube Crystal set Regeneration Radio Music box memo Lee DeForest Howard Armstrong David Sarnoff William S. Paley Philo T. Farnsworth Radio Act of 1912 ASCAP NAB Radio in WWI/WWII FRC American Marconi Co. RCA ABC NBC CBS Mutual Call letters Agency Era
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Unformatted text preview: The Agency Model Amplitude modulation Frequency modulation Block Programming FCC Radio formats Top 40 Boss Radio “Underground” FM Format clock Commercial spots Communications Act of 1996 Consolidation Simulcasting Voicetracking Selector Color Wars NTSC Mechanical television Eletronic television Pay TV Image advertising Advertising clutter High-concept advertising Product placement Demographics Narrowcasting Persistence of vision Thomas Edison George Eastman Hannibal Goodwin Celluloid Kinetoscope Producer The Factory System Phonofilm Vitaphone Hayes Code Block booking Soundies Panoram Radiophonic Workshop Musique concrete Moog synthesizer Theremin MIDI Virtual company ADR Foley Dubbing stage Scoring stage THX Subwoofer Surround sound Dolby Surround SDDS Movie trailer Creative anarchy The Ten Flatteners...
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  • Spring '08
  • Goldstein
  • Lee DeForest Howard Armstrong David Sarnoff William S. Paley Philo T. Farnsworth, modulation Frequency modulation, Marconi Modulation Audion, ASCAP NAB Radio, American Telegraph Federation

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