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Fei (Frank) Feng English 1C Dr. Walter Essay#1 . September 27, 2006 From The Land To The Air Seventy one percent of earth is water, and the remaining twenty-nine percent is land; however, most people choose to work and live on the land instead of water. This leads people to the question of what land means to them, and how do they deal with land? Aldo Leopold, a well-known ecological scientist and writer, answers this question in his essay “The Land Ethic . ” Leopold believes that the land is a gift for people to consume. He argues that people should treat land the same way they wish to be treated, with love and respect. From this argument, arises the term land ethic, which espouses the concept of treating land as something that is invaluable and irreplaceable. Likewise, Leopold holds that all species are at the same level; people do not have the authority to exterminate the species which are valueless to them. People are in the intermediate layer in the land pyramid and land is almost the bottom layer, which illustrates that land does not belong to people, but rather people belong to land. The land ethic prohibits people from only focusing on economic profits and encourages people to preserve the integrity of the biotic community. In addition to land usage, global warming is another important issue that people are facing. Appropriate land use directly relates to global warming. People’s unethical use of land destroys some of the forests on the land, which speeds up the greenhouse effect, and ultimately “helps” the global warming. Usually, the main causes of global warming are overwhelming deforestation, carbon dioxide, and industrial processes. Moreover, people need to use land with their land ethics and reduce the global warming simultaneously, and
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ultimately, change the relationship between people and nature from parasitic to symbiotic. Many people believe that there is still enough land to satisfy their needs; however, the fact is that arable land is being used up. “Of the earth's 57 million square miles (148,000,000 km²) of land, approximately 12 million square miles (31,000,000 km²) are arable; however, arable land is being lost at the rate of over ten million hectares per year” (Arable land). Therefore, contrary to many people’s misguided beliefs, the amount of arable land is quickly becoming very limited. In other words, land should be treasured and used by people with love. The land is our community, and people should show their love while they are using it. Leopold writes, “Oak smoke from his still and peat from burning marshlands must have clouded the sun in those years, and alphabetical conservation was abroad in the land, but the sawdust shows no change” (10). This statement illustrates the consequences of
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essay1 final f - Fei (Frank) Feng English 1C Dr. Walter...

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