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A Terminator or An Angel Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.   ~William Ruckelshaus,  Business Week , 18 June 1990 Imagine that some people are o perating a ship, but they know about the capabilities and features of the ship. In order to steer the ship to wards a destination, they do some research about the ship. Doing research necessitates the invention of tools, therefore they invent some tools to assist them. However, they invent the tools for analysis based on their preconceptions of the ship instead of actual knowledge of vessel . Without instructions, people’s analogies limited to what people believe. Their limited views and “helpful” tools are meant to “decorate” the ship, but in the end they only serve to cause damage and destruction . Their behaviors are sinking the ship and destroying the protection around them. Ironically, what the passengers believe will successfully navigate the ship and bring them to their destination is actually only working to bring them to their demise . John Steinbeck, one of America’s greatest environmental ists , in his book The Log from the Sea of Cortez portrays the general popula tion as those who wonder how to control the ship they are on, or the world they live in, but are losing control over their environment. This book is based on Steinbeck’s trip around the Sea of Cortez. He descries people as playing games with only a little knowledge about the game. Thus, no matter how gratifying the work they do , it is actually leading them to fail. Steinbeck tries to tell people that in order to avoid destroying themselves in the end; they have to prevent losing the environment. More to the point, they need to broaden and expand their knowledge of the environment so that they may understand how to protect and preserve
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it . People have to deeply discover the characteristics of nature to truly notice the value of nature; therefore, they will expand their limited knowledge about nature or themselves, and stop using their harmful tools to change and harm their only living environment. What is the essence of nature? Steinbeck uses the rule s of life to illustrate his views of nature. He believes that people should “[learn] that the first rule of life is living” (26). He also says, “Life has one final end, to be alive; and all the tricks and mechanisms all the successes and all the failures, are aimed at that end” (199). In order to lead happy and blissful lives, people must first survive. Without living, this fundamental condition, all of the plans and goals that people make are only the eternal daydreaming that stays in their minds. Similar this rule of life, one of the characteristic s of the environment is survi val . This fundamental aspect of life extends into all life forms, since all the species in this world have the right to exist . Human being s are not superior to all other life forms ; all species of life are the same because they are in the same level. People are only one
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ATerminatororAnAngel - A Terminator or An Angel Nature...

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