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Study Questions - Study Questions 6.2 Preterite tense of...

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Study Questions: 6.2 Preterite tense of regular verbs Icon_person Where to find the answers: The related book pages above, and/or the tutorial activities for this calendar day. If you use the login screen you can skip ahead or use I suggest you use the the calendar view to see the "book tutorials", and click on those. **************** Please respond to ALL of these study questions as thoroughly as possible. Do not skip anything, but do your best to make a good guess or hypothesis. If you asked to write something, please do so. Sometimes your study questions will also have suggestions for things you can do to practice out loud, which I can't grade but should not be skipped either because these are methods to help you increase your skill in the language. February 22 11:59 PM . 1 attempt remaining Grade settings
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. STUDY HINTS: •The "preterite" or "el pretérito" is just the name we give for speaking about things in the past. •The preterite is the "completed past". In English we express this with the suffix 'ed. I suffered during my final exams. I studied so much. I dreamed about math problems. All the 'ed' indicates something that
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