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Seeing With Heart Instead of Eyes5 - Fei Feng(Frank Mr Mark...

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Fei Feng (Frank) Mr. Mark English 1B March 22, 2006 Seeing With Heart Instead of Eyes Observation is one of the many ways people vicariously learn about the world; however, it can also become the only way people learn to value the object in front of them. Many believe that everything is specious unless they have actually seen it. Since most people see things only with their eyes, they stop using their heart to view the world. This situation is illustrated in the story “Cathedral,” written by Raymond Carver, a well-known American short story writer. In the story, Carver points out that because people overwhelmingly rely on the surface of objects that people see merely with their eyes and superficial analysis , they ignore the deeper meaning of life; as a result, they ultimately lose their ability to use their heart to understand the true nature of the world around them. Judging things based on their appearance is easy and common, a fact which conditions people to merely view the surface of things. Carver mentions this idea in his story “Cathedral,” which features a narrator, whose wife has a blind friend, Robert. Robert comes to visit the narrator and his wife, but it becomes immediately apparent that the narrator has very little respect for Robert and blind people in general. His idea about blind men is based on movies, which is that “the blind move slowly and never laughed. Sometimes they [are] led by seeing-eye dogs” (1). These preconceptions about blind men are entirely based on the images shown on the screen. This sweeping, stereotypical “standard” blind people picture is betrayed as Robert enters the narrator’s home . Robert doesn’t “use a cane and he [doesn’t] wear dark glasses” (31). These two events are dramatically different from what he expects.
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Seeing With Heart Instead of Eyes5 - Fei Feng(Frank Mr Mark...

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