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Sociology 142- Final Review Session Monday 10 to 1 another study guide Answer all parts of the questions Do not assume that Jess is the reader assume all parts of assimilation and other concepts One page essays o There are five there will be One The last two probably not the one that is picked o The first question Define Race Neutral and Race Specific policies Give Examples Race Specific: Affirmative Action, reparations Non- race specific- head start, class programs Which one has been more effective in getting rid of racial inequality There is no right or wrong answer just is able to support! o 2 nd question Define White Privilege Wealth is measurable, income, education, better schools, loans Immeasurable- Comfort, sense of safety, positive self image( From media) If you are not white you do not get to have positive role models You are the default race and other groups have to assimilate to that People in power are like you Right or wrong it is what you feel for immeasurable Trappings- what does white privilege get you o 3 rd question There is a racial hierarchy Measurable- lower SES, lower education, Segregated in concentration of poverty, fear of life Immeasurable- No psychological comfort, defend your group, invisible barriers, the majority judging you
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Sociology_142final_Review - Sociology 142- Final Review...

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