lec13 - ATM 6 Lecture#13 Indoor Air Pollution Part II...

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1 1 ATM 6, Lecture #13 Indoor Air Pollution Part II: Smoking and Other Indoor Air Pollutants Cort Anastasio Atmospheric Science Program University of California - Davis 2 Tobacco Time Line (I) ~ 1550: Ambassador Jean Nicot introduces tobacco to Europe Cultivation of tobacco as crop begins globally soon afterwards 1880: Invention of auto-cigarette making machine 1900s: Smoking increases in popularity; first men then women 1960s: _______________________________ 1965: U.S. government mandates first warning label: "Caution: Cigarette Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health." ~ 42% of Americans smoke 1967: Surgeon General report: smoking is #1 cause of lung cancer 1970: Stronger warning label enacted: "Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health." WHO takes public position against cigarette smoking. 1972: Surgeon General identifies secondhand smoke (environmental tobacco smoke or ETS) as health risk TV and radio advertising of tobacco is banned. 1981: Surgeon General report concludes no cigarette, or level of consumption, is safe.
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2 3 Tobacco Time Line (II) 1983: Federal tax on cigarettes doubles to 16 cents/pack, first increase since 1951. 1986: Several reports released on dangers of ETS and smokeless (spit) tobacco. 1988: Smoking banned in U.S. on domestic flights of 2 hours or less CA referendum increases state cigarette tax by 25 cents/pack; 20% of revenue for tobacco control. 1990: Smoking banned on all U.S. domestic flights of 6 hours or less 1993: EPA classifies ETS as a carcinogen; tobacco industry sues. Federal cigarette tax increases to 24 cents/pack. Cigarette industry spends $6 billion on advertising and promotion. 1994: Six largest U.S. cigarette manufacturers testify before Congress that nicotine is not addictive and that they do not manipulate nicotine levels. 1995: Brown and Williamson documents show cigarette industry knew early that nicotine is addictive, tobacco is harmful, and nicotine levels are manipulated 1997: Beginning of settlements between cigarette manufacturers and state Attorneys General to pay for Medicaid costs for smoking-related illnesses. RJ Reynolds removes Joe Camel (b. 1988) from advertising.
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lec13 - ATM 6 Lecture#13 Indoor Air Pollution Part II...

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