lec15 - ATM 6, Class #15 Acid Rain Part II: SO2 and NOx...

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1 1 ATM 6, Class #15 Cort Anastasio Atmospheric Science Program University of California - Davis Acid Rain Part II: SO 2 and NO x 2 Atmospheric Sulfur (S) Compounds “Reduced” S Compounds SO 2 Sulfur Dioxide H 2 S Hydrogen Sulfide (CH 3 ) 2 S Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) …Are Oxidized to Sulfuric Acid. .. H 2 SO 4 2 H + + SO 4 2– …A Source of Protons Emissions Atmospheric Dispersion and Transformations Deposition & Effects
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2 3 Mechanisms for S Oxidation (and H 2 SO 4 Formation) • What is a cloud or fog? – A suspension of liquid water drops (containing various levels of chemicals) in air. – These drops form on aerosol particles called CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) – Water drop size: ~ 20 μ m diameter – Number of drops: ~ 100 drops/cm 3 of air – Liquid water content: ~ 1 cm 3 of water/1,000,000 cm 3 of air • i.e., 1 g of water/ m 3 of air • In the gas phase – Reaction of OH with SO 2 produces H 2 SO 4 • In cloud or fog drops – ______________________________ react with dissolved SO 2 to form H 2 SO 4 – These aqueous reactions are much faster than gas phase reaction 4 Acid Formation in Clouds and Fogs (II) Formation of Fogs in Davis (Radiation Fogs) Result is a suspension of water drops in air – a fog! Nighttime, High RH, Clear, Calm
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lec15 - ATM 6, Class #15 Acid Rain Part II: SO2 and NOx...

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