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HUM 001D Course Syllabus

HUM 001D Course Syllabus - California unique What is the...

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Katie Rodger [email protected] 207 Voorhies Hall Office Hours: TR 3-4 & by appt. Humanities 1D T 4:10-6PM (Sect. 1) T 6:10-8PM (Sect. 2) 27 Wellman Hall The Late, Great State of California Discussion Sections The California Experience This is a two-unit discussion section, to be taken in tandem with HUM 1: The Late, Great State of California, taught by Professor Jack Hicks. This course may be used toward satisfying the Topical Breadth/Arts & Humanities and the Writing G.E. requirements. However, in order to receive G.E. Writing credit for this course, you must have previously met the Subject A requirement. Requirements: Regular attendance and participation in discussion. [20%] Two 5-page papers on topics to be announced. [40% each] Discussion: Each week’s discussion will be based on subjects covered in lecture. However, we will take up larger themes based on our own experiences and perceptions of California . What does California mean to us, as a place and as an idea? What, if anything, makes
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Unformatted text preview: California unique? What is the California Dream, and how do these visions compare to reality? Whether we are California natives or are brand new to the state, we each have our own interpretations and experiences of this place, and you will be expected to bring these unique perspectives to bear in discussion. At times, there may be additional short readings assigned for each week’s discussion. In such cases, I will either provide handouts in class, or post these to the course website on MyUCDavis. In addition, I have set up a class email list, to which I will send occasional updates. Please actively check both the course website and your email. Papers: Paper topics will be based on course subjects, readings, and/or ideas developed from in-class discussion. Specific writing prompts will be distributed at least a week before the due date. Paper 1 will be due during Week 4 (10/23) Paper 2 will be due during Week 10 (12/4)...
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