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VERSION B1 ANSWER KEY MIDTERM Fall 2006 NAME:__________________________ BIO SCI 97 SECTION B MWF 4 – 4:50p ID#:__________________________ 10 multiple choice questions (1 point each) and 5 short answer questions (2 points each). 20 POINTS TOTAL . The last page contains the chi-square formula; tear off this page and use it to cover your scantron card. 1. You have version B1. Bubble in A for Question 1 on your scantron card 2. The round trait is dominant over the recessive wrinkled trait in beans. This trait is determined by a single locus containing a dominant allele and a recessive allele. A homozygous round bean plant is mated to a homozygous wrinkled bean plant. The resulting F 1 is self-crossed and 900 round bean plants and 100 wrinkled bean plants are observed in the F 2 . Based on these data, what is the penetrance of the wrinkled genotype? A) 40% B) 50% C) 60% D) 75% E) 100% 3. There are three possible alleles ( I A , I B , I O ) that determine blood group type. Charlie Chaplin was type A. Joan Barry, who claimed to have a child with him, had blood type AB. Which blood type(s) in Joan Barry’s child would rule out the possibility that Charlie Chaplin was the father of her child? A) Type AB B) Type O C) Type A D) Type B E) None, no blood type could rule out Charlie Chaplin’s paternity of the child 4. Jessica M. identifies the “dwarf” gene that helps to determine the height of a pea plant. The gene possesses two alleles D 1 and D 2 . A true-breeding D 1 D 1 strain is typically 4 feet tall; a true- breeding D 2 D 2 strain is typically 2 feet tall. Jessica crosses the D 1 D 1 plants with the D 2 D 2 plants and observes in the F 1 progeny a broad normal distribution of plant heights ranging from 2 feet to 4 feet. All of the following are possible explanations for this broad distribution of plant heights EXCEPT A) Variable expressivity B) The alleles D 1 and D 2 are codominant C) The exact amount of sun and water a plant receives influences plant height D) There are three additional loci that help to determine plant height E) Plant height is a quantitative trait 1
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5. A female affected with the disease “ Bruin-apathy ” mates with an unaffected male and has an affected daughter. Which type(s) of inheritance can be ruled out for “ Bruin-apathy ”? A) Autosomal dominant
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