Summary of Readings (Second Half of the Semester)

Summary of Readings (Second Half of the Semester) - Ch. 11:...

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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 11: Asian American Panethnicity: Bridging Institutions and Identities- Yen Le Espiritu • No common language uniting Asian Americans. • Many become “marginal man,” not quite part of US or their own country-this helps to create pan-asian consciousness. • Meaningful pan-asian movement first constructed in 60's. • 2 dimensions of groupness: conceptual-individual behavior & attitude-the way group members view themselves, organizational-political structures. • During postwar years (WWII), increasing intergroup communication & contact facilitated emergence of PanAsian consciousness-breakdown of economic and residential barriers, transformation from immigrant to native population. • Moved from “yellow” to “Asian American” b/c Filipinos aren’t yellow Chapter 15 NEW RACIAL HIEARCHY • it noted that our country maybe moving towards a new racial hierarchy. If our trend continues our multi racial hierarchy could be replaced by a dual or bimodal one consisting of black and non black with a third residual category for groups that don’t fit into basic dualism. • new hierarchy will not be based on bodily features but on deserving or undeserving or stigmatized and respectable races. • post 1965 many countries started sending Spanish immigrants who were re- categorized By language as Hispanics. • End of twentieth century our country still dominated by whites. • First phase of racial hierarchy has been the Asians or Asian Americans population what people are considering model minority. • they are not discriminated upon unless they threaten American white interest. Asians are also considered the higher part of the new racial hierarchy or deserving race. • through the amount of immigrants entering our country white are also threatened that they will become a numerical minority given the fact by 2050 Hispanics will have the majority population in the US. • lower part of new hierarchy are blacks or poor. America troubles on a low status scapegoat or the new black category will be categorized as an undeserving race. • first of three tendencies of contemporary construction of race is continuing construction of race from biological and as well as social building blocks. • Second is ethnicity as race is the continuing lay practice of identifying ethnic and national differences as particularized in private self naming. • Third and most important is increasing white tolerance for racial differences except with respects to blacks. At the same time whites ten to use race less often as a social indictor of class, except when they are considering poor blacks. • prestigious racial mixtures are suitable to remain somewhat whiter for a while than the rest and less prestigious ones darker. if Our countries racial mixing ever became so thorough that skin color and other used bodily features were sufficiently unrecognizable or no longer of sufficient to interest to be noticed, race would no longer be associated with social ranking. longer be associated with social ranking....
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Summary of Readings (Second Half of the Semester) - Ch. 11:...

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