Diversity and Racial Conflict Note Card

Diversity and Racial Conflict Note Card - Can the racial...

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Can the racial inequities illuminated in this course be eliminated by way of race-neutral policies or processes, or are race-specific policies necessary? Of the policies addressed in this course which holds the most promise? Race neutral policy: policies that don’t specifically involve race (class based policy, head start (preschool that is class based.);i.e. affirmative action: hire qualified minorities if possible; Which successful: Differential returns. If race is ignored, ignoring differential returns; Read conclusion of affirmative action article on blackboard (example) What are the measurable and immeasurable trappings of “White privilege” in the contemporary U.S.? Define white privilege: Trappings is positive (what they get out of it);Measurable: income, residence, conviction rates, grocery stores; Immeasurable: psychological comfort, sense of safety, positive self image, sense of belonging, sense of group position, being the default group, see members of race in successful positions and on T.V. (media portrayal), positive role models. Is assimilation a good thing? How might assimilation be harmful to immigrants/minorities? Not always; shunned by original culture because “selling out” types: segmented, pros and cons of some types and why they’re helpful, rejection from members of own race; Institutionalized discrimination; Mary waters article (Nigerian) come here and just black even with higher education and better jobs How are White Americans harmed by White privilege? Being a default group: “American”=white; Keeps people from acknowledging races in society; Life chances: bad to psyche but not really harmful for life chances; Racism makes you colorblind and not see race, doesn’t acknowledge real racial discrimination “a cancer in your soul” good on paper but bad in soul; Think it doesn’t racism doesn’t exist; False sense of security, “away from those people” if move to suburbs (Columbine example); Perpetuation of racist stereotypes; False sense of entitlement; If you care about equality and justice at all white privilege matters in a negative way;
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Diversity and Racial Conflict Note Card - Can the racial...

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