07 - “ – people were mislead and told that they had to...

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HISTORY 240 LECTURE 10/22/07 TECHNOLOGY Eugenics – scientific racism o Belief that human heredity can be controlled and categorizes so humanity as a whole could be better o Hard heredity – dominant and recessive genes and determine genes that would be shown in family o (Founders – same as redwood savers) – immigration (afro Ams and Asians) would ruin the white race o People are separated by IQ ratings o Indiana started sterilization laws o Then CA started and they used vasectomies o 1928 – 6000 sterilizations in CA o 1940 – 20,000 “
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Unformatted text preview: “ – people were mislead and told that they had to be sterilized o technology and science is a control for social concerns • • • movie o cold war – atomic weapons o goes to the city to get sick • Movie 1974 o Cold war paranoia that everyone is watching o Technology rapidly evolving o Technology convention o Older, white, conservative men o Private or police sector o Lesley berlin (boom in Silicon Valley) o Blues music with the sax o Technology beats humans • Salk institute o Bio-med genetics in SD •...
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