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Practice Test #3 - Name _ GEOL 125: Exam III Sample...

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Name _______________________ GEOL 125: Exam III Sample Questions I. Multiple Choice Quickies: Choose the letter corresponding to the best choice. Read answer choices carefully 1. Galaxies are held together by: a) gravitational forces; b) the strong force; c) the electromagnetic force; d) radiation pressure from the 3°K BBR; e) gluons. 2. Most of the elements found on earth: a) have existed forever, b) were created during the big bang; c) were formed by nuclear reactions in stars; d) formed when the solar system formed. 3. In analyzing the behavior of Earth systems, negative feedbacks provide ________, while positive feedbacks provide _______. a) stability, amplification; b) amplification, stability; c) chaos, little effect; d) stochastic behavior, little effect. 4. Average Earth surface temperature: a) depends only on solar output; b) has been the same through geologic time; c) depends on radioactive decay in the earth interior; d) is regulated by a balance between absorption of incoming radiation and emission of outgoing radiation. 5.
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Practice Test #3 - Name _ GEOL 125: Exam III Sample...

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