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HISTORY 240 LECTURE 10/31/07 Educational needs for economy and time period Driving force of the cold war (war without fighting) Predict end of the world through DR. STRANGLOVE Before WWII – not college dominated Post WWII – GI bill and college dominated Silent generation – never had a president (many college educated) Educational expectations on silent generation o Students look older and more mature o Segregation of men and women o Thriving prosperity in 1950s high schools o More minorities gaining peer group approval o Taught a generalized education (like WWII)
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Unformatted text preview: Generations after the boomers havent been studied that much Millennium generation (not many people.more opportunity) Education people became frantic and over-tested Boomer generation phased out most culture except for music California has imported skilled workers when needed Why wasnt resident population competitive for jobs? o Schools not effective Population of CA is in danger of being dumbed down CA has highest proportion of people behind bars...
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