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07 - • 1868 – opening of Univ of CA • Early childhood...

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HISTORY 240 LECTURE 10/24/07 EDUCATION Upper class educated free public schools and free public libraries, and free public Parks (19 th century) Spanish period – Padres offered instruction, but no public schools o Wanted to send their children to school, so they took them to Hawaii o Only Hispanic governor after 1850– Pacheco o Most tutored at home o First public school in Monterey San Francisco continues to become urban metropolis with Boston idea Mechanical class – self education Hard to get concept of high schools going in CA o Gilman --- every area in CA would have a public HS (didn’t happen) High School made sports available to girls
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Unformatted text preview: • 1868 – opening of Univ of CA • Early childhood education o Emma marwidel – idea for early education o Kate wiggin – smart writer/ advocate of kindergarten • Higher education bout by private sector – mostly religious o College of California • 1891 – free public university – Stanford (university in honor of dead son) • 1880 – 1929 - USC = only university of southern university • Collapse of HS system – no one went to HS, so it was hard to have free o Elite nature of HS system o Self-education • Junior/Community college movement • • •...
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