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hour of the star paper - Gillian Antell COLT 250 Fall 2007...

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Gillian Antell COLT 250 Fall 2007 Giorgi Paper #2 Who Am I? The Eternal Quest for Existence. Clarice Lispetor, the author of The Hour of the Star , describes this novella as a book “made without words…a mute photograph…a silence…a question”(96). The focus of the story is internal freedom, self-discovery, and self-expression. The question that Lispector spoke of, therefore, is evident when her tragic protagonist, Macabea, asks “Who am I…am I monster or is this what it means to be a person?” Lispector’s narrator is an unseen man called Rodrigo S.M., who claims to be advantageous to the telling of Macabea’s story in that he is a male, and therefore emotionally detached and able to take an objective view of Macabea and her subconscious quest for personal salvation and fulfillment in her dull and monotonous life. Rodrigo describes Macabea as ugly, anonymous, poor and utterly superfluous with no real attachment to the world. Why, then, choose to tell the story of a girl whom no one cares about, not even the narrator himself? The truth is that her ugliness and anonymity become a foil for the human condition and a way for the narrator to explore his own identity and place in the world. The very fact that she is an anonymous and superfluous character makes her the ideal vessel into which the narrator can pour their own thoughts and philosophical ruminations
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hour of the star paper - Gillian Antell COLT 250 Fall 2007...

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