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CLT3378-03 February 5, 2008 Jason and the Argonauts: The Quest for the Golden Fleece When the words “ancient myth” are spoken, a general assumption of a fictional story comes to mind. While this very well may be true, some ancient myths do contain factual elements about history. Ancient myths have been around for centuries. They are stories that tell of the great adventures of heroes from the earlier days of the world. In our modern world today, ancient myths are still fascinating to society. Great films are being made to depict these myths that have been around for ages. Jason and the Argonauts is an example of one of these films adapted to the silver screen from ancient text. The film, Jason and the Argonauts, was released in 1963 and remade in 2000. The 2000 version is a tale of a young man named Jason who is the rightful heir to the kingdom of Iolcus in Thessaly. As a child he witnesses his father, King Aeson, murdered by his unscrupulous uncle, Pelias. Jason too is about to die, but quickly he is whisked away by a soldier named Mopsus and taken through a secret tunnel out of the palace. In the next scene, Jason has grown into a young man and has been raised by a wise Centaur. The Centaur informs him of his rightful claim to the throne and also that Pelias has taken his mother as his queen. This prompts Jason to go and confront Pelias and become King. On his way to Iolcus, Jason sees an old woman trying to cross the river. Without hesitation he offers to carry her on his back, not aware that the old woman is actually the goddess Hera in disguise trying to test him. After Jason carries her through, she disappears, and he has lost one sandal. This is significant because an oracle in Pelias’ court has predicted that a man with one sandal will overthrow his rule. Jason arrives in Iolcus, and guards seize him and bring him to Pelias.
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CLT3378-Jason - Kathryn Kim CLT3378-03 February 5, 2008...

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