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Kathryn Kim Clt3378-3 Interview: Persephone Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Agatha Stephenopoulos reporting for the Deity News Network. As we reported a while back, the god of the underworld, Hades, had kidnapped the lovely Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. This was a great upset to Demeter, who could not be comforted, despite the efforts of many. Her mourning caused great toil and famine among the mortal earth. Zeus, in an attempt to appease his wife’s grief, sent Hermes to the underworld in order to bring Persephone back. After a lengthy and emotional wait, Demeter and Persephone have been reunited. Just two days after her return, she graciously agreed to talk to us about her experience. Joining me now is Persephone. Agatha: “Thanks for being here and spending time with the DNN, Persephone, we are honored to have you!” Persephone: “Thank you, I am honored to be here.” Agatha: “Now that you are back from such a traumatic experience, tell me, where were you when you were first kidnapped and what were you doing at the time?” Persephone: “Well, honestly it seemed like it was going to be just another usual day. I was in a meadow of Nysa with my friends Leucippe, Phaeno, Electra, Ianthe, and Melita and a few others. 1 We were picking flowers having a very pleasant time. Then, my attention was captured by one extraordinary flower. I had never seen anything like it before. It was the sweetest smelling flower I had ever smelled with blossoms like I had never seen! I was completely drawn to it, and when I went to touch it, the ground parted and out came a golden 1 Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Lines 416-429
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chariot. I was seized and dragged underground to the land where the dead reside. 2 I cried out for help, but no one heard, or so I thought. My mother told me that Helios and Hecate did in fact hear me and Helios is the one that told her where I disappeared to.” 3 Agatha: “Oh my, I can’t imagine how frightened you must have been!” Persephone: “Extremely frightened! I was shocked and did not know what was happening! One moment I was gathering flowers, and the next, I was in a place of gloom and solemnity. I was so terrified and sad. I longed to see the face of my mother and for one last
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CLT3378-Paper2 - Kathryn Kim Clt3378-3 Interview Persephone...

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