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Assignment #2 - Masterson 1 ARTL 100g Writing Assignment #2...

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Masterson 1 ARTL 100g Writing Assignment #2 Professor Demers “I think we're in a phase where people want to get real about stuff. Somewhat in response to how cold and alienating a lot of the dominant culture has become. There's definite movement in artistic circles to return to something that's very personal, as a way to reconnect or find some significant meaning or sense of hope about life," [1] states the lead singer of Antony & the Johnsons, Antony Hegarty. At the age of thirty-four he is starting to find more hope in his own life with the recent success of his music. Although he grew up in Southern California, Antony found himself inspired and intrigued with the British synth-pop star Boy George, and decided to devote his life to music as well. Similar to Boy George, Antony identifies himself as a transgender individual, which is reflected upon in many of his songs. For instance, “Hope There’s Someone,” a song he released in 2005 has subliminal references to homosexuality, although their lack of blatancy makes the song relevant to almost all persons who also hope there’s someone with them in the end. Antony’s “Hope There’s Someone” is a cathartic piece that articulately describes a person’s fear of death, moreover the fear of dying alone. Antony may sing and lead the ensemble with melodic piano harmonies, but the identity of the speaker in the song is ambiguous and could be anyone who feels uncared for on a universal scale. Interestingly the music video that Antony & the Johnsons released for the song features actual footage of the famous actor drag queen Candy Darling
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Assignment #2 - Masterson 1 ARTL 100g Writing Assignment #2...

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