Week 2 Social Contexts

Week 2 Social Contexts - Week 2 Day 1 Day 2 Social Contexts...

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Week 2 Social Contexts Day 1 Lecture and Discussion of Readings Listed Above Day 2 Carry over from Day 1 Bell, “The Race-Charged Relationship of Black Men and Black Women” (CM: 193). (Begin reading Fist Stick Knife Gun if you haven’t already. Messerschmidt Concentrates on “how labor, power and sexuality constrain and enable action within three specific social settings”: 1. The street 2. the workplace 3. the family The Pimp and His network The Cool Pose of the Badass The Workplace Workers and sexual Harassment White Corporate Workers and Sexual Harassment The Family Wife Beating and Battering Rape Force Only Rape Biological? Masculinity valuable traits- strength, daring, courage, rationality, intellect, sexual desire. Positive Other side of the coin- oppressive, destructive AND too restrictive. Normative=normal Why does violence develop from something individual and ritualistic to institutionalization? What forms are socially sanctioned? What do societies do with violence? Robert W. Connell Social Context Natural environment a metaphor for rape? Conquering nature Mastering of the environment Racism sexism and heterosexism are forms of socially sanctioned violence. Patriarchy is embedded in structures of authority, domination and control and are
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diffused through social, political, economic and ideological activities. Violence against nature is connected to the violence against other humans.
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Week 2 Social Contexts - Week 2 Day 1 Day 2 Social Contexts...

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