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Tips of Study for Chapter 9: Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories The most helpful tip of all to digest the concepts (at least for bulk of them in this chapter) is to think in three dimensions . Think shapes and angles all the time . The underlining principle is that like charges (such as two electrons) repel each other – so it is energetically favorable if a specific shape is adopted in that the repulsion is minimized. For instance, a square planar arrangement (4 vertices) is NOT the best arrangement for least repulsion of four points; a tetrahedral geometry is. This is in fact the basis of VSEPR model. To help yourself better understand these 3-D shapes and angles that go with them, look around in your dorm or in your house, try to find similar objects and to imagine that electrons/atoms are arranged in these 3-D shapes. Fig. 9.5 is a good method (making balloons and tie them together according to specific shapes).
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