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Chpt_10_study_tips - Tips of Study for Chapter 10 Gases 1...

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Tips of Study for Chapter 10: Gases 1. Common Misconceptions and Special Attention to be paid Always use Kelvin temperature in solving gas problems. Always make sure that units among all parameters are the same in solving gas-law problems. Conversions are often required in this process. Do not confuse the standard conditions for gas behavior (STP) with the standard conditions in thermodynamics in chapter 5. Effusion and diffusion are different. 2. Key Points The two key points for this chapter are: Perfect gas law PV = nRT (explain the bulk properties of gases or perfect gases), and the kinetic-molecular model or kinetic model of gases (Fig. 10.17) (this model explains, at the molecular level , the origin of pressure and the effect of temperature on pressure). So, understand the assumptions (in your book they are called 5 statements on page 421). A very useful way to help you understand this model is to picture these assumptions using Fig. 10.17
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