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Key Points for Study Chapter 7: Periodic Properties of Elements I. Key points to pay attention: How position on the periodic table and electron configurations can be used to highlight periodic properties, not so much about the absolute values but rather, the trend or the periodic pattern . You may find the descriptive chemistry/group trends a bit overwhelming at first. However, the periodic table IS REALLY an organizational tool; it will help you recall chemical facts. The sign convention for electron affinities should not be confused. II. Understand clearly the terms and concepts summarized at the end of the chapter in the book. The following are some specific points I wish to emphasize, and you must handle these concepts and skills: 1. Effective nuclear charge. Know how to calculate effective nuclear charge given an element (think about a more basic question: why is it that we need to introduce the effective nuclear charge --- see the following periodic properties) 2. Be able to predict the size of ionic and atomic radii by checking the position of an element. Also, extend this application to isoelectronic series.
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