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Stereo Miking Techniques - Shure Notes

Stereo Miking Techniques - Shure Notes - Shure Notes...

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10/13/2007 07:34 AM Shure Notes Issue #25 - Stereo Miking Techniques Page 1 of 7 http://www.shurenotes.com/issue25/articleMain.html Stereo Miking Basics If you want to capture a more natural sound in your recordings, it’s time to learn a few fundamentals of stereo miking. Early on, these techniques were developed to approximate the sound we hear in our own two ears. Stereo recordings give the listener sound images that correspond to the location of the instruments in the recording session – left to right and front to back. They provide a picture of the recording space’s acoustics and capture sound source characteristics without the tonal imbalances that mono close miking can sometimes produce. Stereo miking offers an open sound that is an alternative to multi-track recording. Using just two or three microphones, stereo miking is still the preferred method to record classical music and small ensembles ambiently. In this article, we’ll explain four of the most popular stereo miking techniques, illustrate them with images of mic set-ups from Shure’s Performance Listening Center and provide audio clips that will amplify the critical listening differences. Stereo Microphone Techniques Every recording situation is different. Room acoustics vary, the instrumentation changes, even the type of music and tempo can influence the recorded sound you’re trying to capture. You’ll probably want to test more than one of the following techniques (and then make your own adjustments) to get the recording you want. In the section below, we’ll introduce you to the basics: The Technique The Microphones Mic Positioning Audio Sample Pros and Cons
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