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Music Tech Vocab List 1 - Troy University MUI Music...

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Troy University MUI Music Technologies Vocabulary List 1 1 AC : Alternating Current. AAC: (Advanced Audio Coding) An audio compression technology that is part of the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards. AAC, especially MPEG-4 AAC, provides greater compression and better sound quality than MP3, which also came out of the MPEG standard. A/D CONVERTER: Circuit for converting analog waveforms into a series of equally spaced numerical values represented by binary numbers. The more 'bits' a converter has, the greater the resolution of the sampling process. AMBIENCE: The result of sound reflections in a confined space being added to the original sound. Ambience may also be created electronically by some digital reverb units or plug-ins. The main difference between ambience and reverberation is that ambience doesn't have the characteristic long delay time of reverberation - the reflections mainly give the sound a sense of space. AMPLIFIER: Device that increases the level of an electrical signal. AMPLITUDE: Another word for level. Can refer to sound levels or electrical signal levels. ANALOG: Circuitry that uses a continually changing voltage or current to represent a signal. The origin of the term is that the electrical signal can be thought of as being 'analogous' to the original signal. APPLICATION: Alternative term for computer program. ATTENUATE : To reduce in level. ATTENUATION: The reduction of a signal level, either by manually adjusting gain (with a variable or fixed resistor), or by use of a digital plug-in to reduce gain. Attenuation can also refer to using a pad (or
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course MUI 3305 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '08 term at Troy.

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Music Tech Vocab List 1 - Troy University MUI Music...

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