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Unformatted text preview: MGMT 3330 Communicating in Business Lecture notes for chapter 9. Prof. Mike Sexton Department of Management College of Business Administration UNT Office: 213b E-mail: 2 6 Business Letters and Memos Chapter 9 2 6 2 Composing Letters and Memos 2 2008. Model created by S.M. Sexton 2 6 3 Formality Audience analysis will dictate the formality of the message. Written documents and messages are frequently viewed as: Formal (letters) Semi-formal (memos) Informal (most electronic messages) 2 6 4 More Formality Audience analysis will also dictate the type of message. What level in the organization is the recipient? Hard copy letter to external clients and the CEO. Electronic mail for routine messages to same level or below. 2 6 5 Full-Block Letter Format The full-blocked letter format is the most commonly used business letter format It should include: Company Letterhead - if company letter head is not included....
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MGMT_3330_Insley_Text_Chap_09_Revised_2008 - MGMT 3330...

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