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BISC150(Midterm 3)

BISC150(Midterm 3) - 1 List 3 differences between DNA...

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1). List 3 differences between DNA replication and RNA transcription DNA: uses DNA polymerase to produce RNA primers; it is bidirectional , in one strand, replication is continuous , in the other it's discontinuous; it produces two daugter strands of DNA. Each daughter strand with a parent strand to form a DNA molecule. so there are two DNA molecules RNA: uses RNA ploymerase to produce Pre-mRNA; it is in one direction; it produces pre-mRNA which is then connected to mRNA strand (One Strand) 2). If you are Altered the base sequence of the envelope gene of a retrovirus, would you expect that the altered virus would have a different host range? Explain. Yes, the envelop of a retrovirus determines the host range. if the base sequence of the envelope genen is altered, it may not produces, the envelope but other proteins, or it may just change the envelope structure, which then affect the host range of a virus. 3). In human disease, explain how a virus could potentially casuse cancer. A virus could cause cancer in many ways: EBV can causes nasopharyngeal carcinomas becuase of translocation of the c-myc from chromosome 8 to chromosome 14. CML is caused by translocation of bcr from chromosome 9 to chromosome 22 and fusing with abl. Virus causescancer as it mutates human chromosome. Killing Cancer suppression protein (p53), activates, proto- oncogene into oncogene which increases cell division rate. 4). What's the Shape of tRNA if it's three dimentisonal structure is represented as being flat? Name two important parts of tRNA? It is winded into a double stranded cross with the top attached with 3 bases (anti- codon), bottom attached with amino acid. The unattached ends (left and right) are rounded into loops. the two important parts of tRNA are the anticodons and the attached amino acid.
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