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Freshman Seminar 101: Section 10 Defining Globalization Fall 2007 Tomas Nonnenmacher 213 Quigley Hall Office: 332-3820 Office Hours: MW: 11-12, MW: 3:45-4:45; Th: 3:15-5:15. [email protected] http://webpub.allegheny.edu/employee/t/tnonnenm/ Description: A consideration of differing definitions and interpretations of the term “globalization.” Much of the debate over the impact of globalization is due to the many meanings that are attached to the term. For many economists, globalization means a reduction of the cost of exchanging goods, services, and information among countries. Others equate globalization primarily with the growth in the power of corporations, homogenization of culture, worsening environmental conditions, or greater exploitation of labor. Through interviews, readings, videos, presentations and class discussion, we examine globalization’s varied meanings. This seminar emphasizes the development of effective written and oral communication skills as tools for exploration, description, and summary. TEXTS: Mintz, Sidney. Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History. New York: Penguin. 1985. Rivoli, Pietra. The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy. Hoboken: Wiley. 2006. Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference, Sixth Edition. Boston: St. Martin’s Press. 2007 Sprague, Jo and Douglas Stuart. The Speaker’s Compact Handbook. Belmont, CA: Thomson. 2006. The main goals in all FS101 courses are: use writing and speaking to generate, organize, and understand ideas summarize written and spoken communication develop critical reading skills demonstrate the ability to revise your own work critique the work of others locate and evaluate materials relevant to a given topic in Pelletier library and at least one electronic database Both FS 101 and 102 are intended to develop students' general communication skills, and neither draws heavily on discipline specific content. However, FS 101 is a course in which students increase their understanding of the descriptive power of language, and FS 102 as a course in which the focus is on persuasion.
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ON SPEAKING: One goal of this course is to make you familiar with and improve your oral communication skills. You will give three speeches and participate actively in class discussion. On October 2 and 4 everyone will give a short presentation on a particular commodity that our peer leaders will videotape. We will then cancel class on October 18 and schedule meetings between you and the peer leaders to review and discuss your presentation. Beginning November 13, you will be responsible for both making a formal
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fs101out07 - Freshman Seminar 101: Section 10 Defining...

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