Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods

Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods - Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods...

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Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods Children and gender Section 2 in Men’s Lives , and Williams “Meditations on Masculinity” (CM : 238). Begin reading Nine Lives . Discussion of The Boys on the Rocks (145 pages). Essay 1 Due on weeks 1 & 2. This includes readings, class discussion and any film. A Short Review of Contexts These are nothing more or less than the basics of contemporary ideas developed on the topic of masculinity. Therefore, I want to be sure we know where we are proceeding from a position of secure understanding. Men share in a certain amount of privilege that varies from culture to culture. That is, traditional sexist ideals privilege heterosexual white males over women, homosexuals, and folks of other races. Surplus aggression is produced during the repression of sexual desires this is most true in adolescent boys (from Marcuse). Many see masculine attitudes toward control of the environment and by extension female fertility the basis for seemingly infinite metaphors of rape and violence. Because masculinity is a fragile construction, any threat to masculinity can produce a violent reaction. Racism, sexism, and heterosexism are socially sanctioned forms of violence. Human desire is malleable- that is, humans are not driven to act sexually, or by instinct alone—they a conditioned or trained to hold the responses they have. Prolonged attachments to parents during childhood and youth produce psychologically formative patterns eg. Freud, et al. Oedipal complex, etc. That psychology is a part of masculinity is not a questions, however, the interpretations of the meanings in the mind is an endless source of discussion. Traditional
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Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods - Week 3 Contemporary Boyhoods...

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