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Psy 250ResearchRequirement - DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY...

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Unformatted text preview: DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Research Participation Requirement PSY 250 DEADLINES FOR RESEARCH PARTICIPATION THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETING THE RESEARCH PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENT IS TWO (2) WEEKS (14 CALENDAR DAYS) PRIOR TO THE LAST SCHEDULED DAY OF CLASSES. EXPERIMENTS WILL NOT BE POSTED AFTER THAT DAY. DURING THE SPRING OR SUMMER SESSIONS THE DEADLINE IS ONE (1) WEEK (7 CALENDAR DAYS) PRIOR TO THE LAST DAY OF CLASS. THE EXACT DEADLINE DATE WILL BE POSTED ON THE EXPERIMENT SIGNUP WEB PAGE. IF YOU ARE COMPLETING A WRITTEN EXERCISE, THE LAST DAY TO HAND IT IN ON TIME WILL BE ON THE DEADLINE DAY AT NOON. To become better acquainted with psychological research, students are required to have some contact with research (either in the labo- ratory or in the library) outside class. The Research Participation Requirement is a departmental requirement of all Psychology 100, 130, and 250 sections. This requirement may be met in three ways: (1) by serving for two credits as a participant in a research project; (2) by completing two I credit written assignments; or (3) by a combination of research participation and a written assignment. Please note that successful completion of this requirement will not change your grade. Participating as a Subject in Laboratory Research Opportunities for participation fti research will be listed on the Psychology Department's experiment signup web page. To sign up to participate in research go to the Psychology Department's web page ( ) and click on Experiments. This will take you to the web page where research studies are listed for sign up. Follow instructions to sign tip for participation. Please check to see if there are any reasons listed that might preclude your participation in a given research project. Con¬°rmation of your sign up will be sent to you via email. Participation credit will be calculated in one hour units. Research lasting 60 minutes or less will count as one credit. Research last- ing 61-120 minutes will count as two credits. To satisfy the requirement you need either to participate in one 2-credit project or two minutes will count as two credits....
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Psy 250ResearchRequirement - DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY...

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