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Chemistry 008 Handout #7 Mrs. Harriet Smithline Spring 2005 Chapter 14 Review Guide Lectures 2/22 and 2/24/05 Kinetics:Mechanisms and Rates of Reaction I. Integrated Rate Law - A. Integrated Rate Law of Second Order Reactions - (when the rate = - [A ] = k [A] 2 ) t The relationship between the concentrations and time for a second order reaction is given by: 1/[A] t = kt + 1/[A] 0 (this is y = mx + b) Graphing 1/[A] versus time gives a straight line where k = slope and the intercept is 1/[A] 0 . B. Half-Life of Second Order Reactions - at t 1/2 [A] = [A] o/2 t 1/2 = 1 . k [A] o II. Reaction Mechanisms - A. Rate Laws and Reaction Mechanisms - A reaction mechanism is the series of elementary steps that indicates a possible pathway by which the reaction occurs. The overall reaction is the sum of the steps. The slowest step in a mechanism is rate determining, and the rate law can be written from the stoichiometry of this step . The reactants in the slow step of a mechanism are the ones that appear in
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