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LLB101 Introduction to LawTutorial Materials – week 10 WEEK 10 TUTORIAL Exercise 10.1 – Navigating a reported case(prepare in advance!) Access the case ofHart v Rankin[1979] WAR 144. A copy has been placed on‘QUT Readings’(there’s a link to this in our Blackboard menu).Alternatively, the LDTL textbook has also reproduced this caseat ¶7.12(although they have edited out a paragraph and some minor detail. It’s of no real consequence for understanding the case; it will slightly affect question (h) – it will be fine). Skim read the case and answer the following questions(Hint: ¶7.09-7.11 of the textbook will assist you to identify parts of a reported case). (a)What do the parts of the citation (Hart v Rankin[1979] WAR 144) mean?
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