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self assess PE - Collegiate High School(grades 9,10 11 12...

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Collegiate High School (grades 9,10, 11, 12) Participation points (0-5 points) Cooperation and Respect points (0-5 points) 5 pts = I participated in all activities throughout class 3 pts = I participated most of the time 0 pts = I was just hangin’ out 5 pts = I was cooperative and respectful to others at all times 3 pts = I need to work on cooperation and being respectful 0 pts = I did not cooperate or show respect for others today Effort points (0-5 points) Prepared points: appropriate clothes & shoes (0-5 points) 5 pts = I gave my full effort in class today 3 pts = I gave a half-effort during class today 0 pts = I gave little to no effort today
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