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Running head: HISTORY OF INFORMATICS 1 History of Informatics University of Phoenix HCI 500 April 4th, 2016 Professor Dean Athanassiades History of Informatics
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HISTORY OF INFORMATICS 2 The ability to access and retrieve information has considerably changed over the past thirty years. Long gone are the days of frequent library visits and textbook searches to obtain needed facts. Additionally, health care has changed the way patient data is stored, accessed, maintained and processed for informational purposes. Hebda & Czar (2009), defined informatics as this process of turning data into needed information. Health Care Informatics is used to gather and store health care related information for various disciplines or even a particular range of users. Many of these specific disciplines or subgroups fall under the realm of health informatics such as nursing, dental, and primary care (Bath, 2008). Health-related data can be in many forms. Patient demographics, medications, diagnosis, results, imaging, billing, research and countless other data elements will require storage and management for health care groups to access and use. The use of informatics with health care began appearing in literature in the 1960’s and had significantly increased in the twenty-first century (Bath, 2008). The following discussion will focus on several milestones contributing to the evolution and use of informatics in health care. The first and most significant milestone contributing to the development of health informatics was the creation of the electronic computer. In the 1940’s a computer was a job title given to a person who would calculate needed data on paper (Collen, 1994). The first electronic
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