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Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth - 1 VERA BRIT Testament of OF THE YEARS...

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1 972 TESTAMENT OF YOUTH the cabbages in the damp, warm air_-that France ad already cast upon me. - e noise of the distant guns was a sense rathe han a soun sometimes a quiver shook the earth, ibration tremb upon the wind, when I could actually r nothing. But tha ense made any feeling of complet eace impos sible ; in e atmosphere was always the te eness, the rest lessness, th light rustling, that comes be e an earthquake or with im ent thunder. The glam of the place was even more c pelling, though les delirious, than the enchantment alta’s beauty ; it ould not be banished though one feare and resisted it, owing that it had to be bought at the cos of loss and stration. France was the scene of titanic, liii table dea , and for this very reason it had becon3e the hear f the cest living ever known to any generation. othing p manent everyone and every thing was always on the ye ; friendships were temporary, appointtttth were te rary, life itself was the most temporary of all. Nev , in ny time or place, had been so appropriate the lain t of " mes Lee’s Wife" To draw beauty ml ur hearts’ core, And ice it changeless I h our claim; a ered,_J’kVer mor iink of the War to-cl it is not as summer winter; always as col and darkness and nd an intermittent war of hilarating iich madc us jrrationally cx in all three. Its ibol, for me, is a candle stuc the neck of a y flame flickering in an ice-co draught, yet iniature illusion of light agains n opaque ckness. 4 The next morning saw me begin an experience which I remember as vividly as anything that happened in my various hospitals. BETWEEN THE SANDRILLS Soon after our arrival the Matro woman who looked unbelievably African ribbons, had questioned us experience. I was now the owner of an a length of scarlet braid which V,A.D. on their sleeve if they had served fo military hospitals and had reached authority regarded as a high standar when I told the Matron of my work i with an amused, friendly smile that soldier." This pleasant welcome conf in Boulogne that the hospital was ve of practised hands likely to count.
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