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Psychology 321 – SP08 Homework #1 40 Points This homework is due on April 4 th at the beginning of lab. Please hand your homework directly to the TA. Show all work and include printouts from SPSS where appropriate. Late homework will not be accepted. 1. The average verbal SAT score is 500 with a population standard deviation of 36. Jeff performed better than 38% of the population. What was his corresponding SAT score? (9 points) 2. A college prep course advertises that after taking their class, your SAT score will increase significantly. For this problem, assume the same parameters as outlined in #1 with regards to the verbal SAT scores. A group of 75 students that took the course had an average SAT score of 621.4. Using an alpha level of 0.01, did the course significantly help the students? (9 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The average GPA for psychology graduate students is 3.43. The incoming class of 10 new graduate students has an average GPA of 3.60 with a sample standard deviation of 0.15. Is this sample’s average GPA significantly different (at an alpha level of 0.05) from the average GPA for psychology graduate students? (9 points) 4. Using the "CARS" dataset on SPSS, provide only the mean , mode , range , and standard error scores of the variable "Engine". Please provide an SPSS output file. (4 points) 5. Using the "CARS" dataset on SPSS, is the average vehicle weight significantly different than 2975 lbs? For this problem, please provide your answer in APA format. Also, provide the SPSS output file. (9 points)...
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