Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Essay Concerning Human Understanding - mr I 184 `1 think,...

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184 ‘‘1 think, therefore .1 am was entirely indubitable. Thus, because our senses sometimes deceive wanted to suppose that nothing is such as they make us irna it; a because some men err in reasoning, even touching the plest ma ers of geometry, and make paralogisms, and judging tha was as liabl o fail as any other, I rejected as uilse all the reasons ch I hacj forme accepted as demonstrations; and finally, conside hat aft the though which we have when awake can come to u o when We sleep, wi out any of them then being true, I reso d to feign that everything hich had ever entered into my mind w no more true than the illusions my dreams. But imniediately the rds I observed that while I thus fred everything to be false, I, ho thought, must of necessity be so hing; and remarking that truth, I think, therfo,re J am, was so firm so assured that all the t extravagant supposition4 of the skeptics wer nable to shake it, I ged that! could unhesitat ingly accept it as the t principle of philosophy I was seeking. Then, examining entively wh 1 was, and seeing that I could feign that I had no ho and that ere was no world or any place where I was, but that nev eless could not feign that I did not exist, and that, on the contrary, if e fact that I thought to doubt of the truth of other things, it fob d very evidently that I was; while if i had only ceased to think, a! all else which I had previously imag- med had been true I had reas to believe that I might have been, therefore I knew that I w a subs e whose essence or nature is only to think, and which, i order to be, as no need of any place, and depends on no mate thing; so that I, that is to say, the soul by which! am what I a , is entirely distinct ni the body, and even easier to know than the dy, and although the bo were not, the soul would not cease to be that it is. After that
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Essay Concerning Human Understanding - mr I 184 `1 think,...

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