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Vindication of the Rights of Women

Vindication of the Rights of Women - 70 THE EMILY MODE in a...

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70 THE EMILY MODE] cad 0f night, to be thrown into a dungeon, or buried in in a deser ; when rising from the bed of sleep, you wil the power of publishing ur thoughts; and that, if you ceused of having either acted, spoken, ‘tten wrongly, y n be tried only accord ing to law. These privileges to one who sets his foot on En glish ground. A foreigner enjoy liberty to dispose of his prop erty and person; and, if aec 0f any o he can demand that half the jury shall be corn 0f foreigners. I will venture ssert, that, were the human rae emnly assem bled for the ose of making laws, such are the laws they Id make for the eurity. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary woUstonecraft While the Enlightenment was dmninated by men, there were possibilities for active involvement by women. Several women played particularly important roles as patrons and intellectual contributors to the gatherings of philosopher and members of the uppermid4le-tf ass and aristocratic elite held in the salons of Paris and elsewhere.
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