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Full final rvw - FACT or CRAP Altruism Altruism is behavior...

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FACT or CRAP Altruism Altruism is behavior that helps another person that does not benefit the helper in any way. FACT The theory of reciprocal altruism does not explain helping behavior. CRAP The bystander effect suggests that more people there are, the more likely they are to help CRAP – less likely The empathy-altruism hypothesis says that empathy leads to altruistic motivated helping, while the no empathy leads to egoistic helping that follows laws of social exchange theory) FACT When pluralistic ignorance occurs, people do not help because no one knows what to do. CRAP – they calmly look around to see what others are doing, don’t see a reaction and conclude there’s no emergency. In the study we talked about, models increased helping behavior – kids were more likely to help if they saw a teacher do so. FACT The five steps in Latane & Darley’s model of helping behavior are: notice, interpret as an emergency, take responsibility, decide how to help, feel empathy and help the person CRAP - the last step is actually offer help and doesn’t REQUIRE empathy. The dime study suggests that people help more when they are in good moods than bad moods. FACT - Follow up – describe the dime study There aren’t very many ways to increase the chances of being helped CRAP – we can increase our chances by giving someone responsibility, calling attention to the crisis, or telling the person the specific help needed Aggression Hostile aggression is defined as aggression exclusively for the sake of hurting someone. FACT – Follow up – give an example of hostile aggression Instrumental aggression is designed as aggression that is a by-product of a functional process or an accident. CRAP – instrumental aggression is aggression as a means to some other goal Testesterone, the hippocampus and serotonin have been demonstrated to be biological causes of aggression. CRAP – It’s the amygdala not the hippocampus. Heat and alcohol are two situational determinants that can lead to aggressive behavior. FACT Venting anger makes people less aggressive, just as the catharsis hypothesis would suggest. CRAP – makes people more aggressive. Follow up – what is one study that shows this? Correlational study with football players. Social learning theory suggests that aggression is learned through watching others FACT Follow up – what famous study demonstrates this? Who did that study?
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The frustration-aggression hypothesis states two things. First frustration due to interruption of a person’s progress toward a goal will always cause a person to become aggressive AND (2) most aggression is caused by frustration\ CRAP – the hypothesis says that ALL aggression is caused by frustration. There are several ways that media influence might lead to aggressive behaviors
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Full final rvw - FACT or CRAP Altruism Altruism is behavior...

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