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HW3 - Psychology 321 SP08 Homework#3 40 points This...

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Psychology 321 – SP08 Homework #3 40 points This homework is due on April 18th at the beginning of lab. Please hand your homework directly to the TA. Show all work and include printouts from SPSS where appropriate. Late homework will not be accepted. 1. For each of the four examples below, indicate which inferential statistic (z-test, one- sample t-test, independent samples t-test, and dependent samples t-test) should be used, whether it should be one-tailed or two-tailed, and provide a short explanation for your choices. (5 points each) a. Two groups of rats were given two different experimental drugs. Both groups then needed to find their way through a maze. The groups’ reaction times were compared to determine if they performed differently. b. A GRE-prep course advertises that after taking their course, your GRE score will significantly increase. One group of students first took the GREs, then took the course, and then took the test for a second time. Their scores were then compared against one another to verify the course’s claim. c.
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