General Syllabus SP 07 - with GEC

General Syllabus SP 07 - with GEC - COURSE OVERVIEW AND...

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COURSE OVERVIEW AND WRITING ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES Psychology 367.01: Introduction to Social Psychology Spring 2007 Instructor : H. Anna Han Office Hours : Monday 11am-12pm & by appt. Psychology Building 212 Email : (e-mail is the best way to reach me!) Phone #s : Lab: 688-4611 (Usually here during the day) Home: 298-8331 Website : Required Texts (6 th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Anson, C. M., Schwegler, R. A., & Muth, M. F. (2006). The Longman Pocket Writer’s Companion, 2 nd Edition. New York: Longman Publishers. Statement of course goals Students taking Psychology 367.01 should acquire knowledge of scientific theory and research in the major topic areas of social psychology. With the aid of homework assignments, students should discover the relevance of the course material to situations of everyday life. Further, they should gain an understanding of the strong (but usually unrecognized) social forces that influence others' and their own behavior in such settings as home, school, and work. The practice in written expression provided by in-class writing and short-essay homework assignments, together with written feedback from the instructor on both content and style, is intended to help in the development of writing skills. This course meets the second-level writing requirement of the University. The University has the goal that “writing courses across disciplines will develop students’ skills in writing, reading, critical thinking, and oral expression.” To this end, the University has identified three learning objectives: 1. Students apply basic skills in expository writing 2. Students demonstrate critical thinking through written and oral expression. 3. Students retrieve and use written information analytically and effectively. Course format The work of the course includes six paper assignments, two 45-minute exams, and a 90- minute final exam. Class meetings involve lecture and discussion, and some material will be discussed in class that is not covered in the assigned text or readings.
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Importance of written work Psychology 367.01 is a second-level writing course. As such, it requires substantial written work from students. The paper assignments are intended to develop writing skills and solidify students' understanding of the lectures and readings. Completion of course work The university has determined that twelve pages of formal written work (i.e., six two- page papers) is the minimum amount of written work acceptable for a second level writing course. Therefore, in order to receive a non-failing grade in the course, a student must complete all six paper assignments. Failure to complete any one of the papers constitutes failure to meet university standards concerning this course. Therefore, a student who fails to complete any paper cannot receive credit for this course. In order to receive a non-failing grade, a student also must complete one midterm exam
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General Syllabus SP 07 - with GEC - COURSE OVERVIEW AND...

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