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AU06 Exam 2 Review

AU06 Exam 2 Review - Exam 2 Review Exam Format 45 multiple...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 2 Review Exam Format 45 multiple choice or true/false questions 1 fill in the blank 1 short answer question 1 critical thinking exercise Highlights 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The exam will cover the following topics: Conflict Theory Violent crime Rape and Child Molestation Underpriveleged Deviance Priveleged Deviance Serial Killers School Shooters 1 Be sure you know: Why homicide rates are higher in the U.S. (that chart on slide 15 under violent crime on Blackboard) You will need to reproduce that chart. Conflict Theory Be sure you know: The Basics of the theory Why and how power is important Whose actions are deviant Whose actions are not deviant Structural & Instrumental Marxism Social Threat Theory Violent Crime Be sure to know How U.S. culture contributes to violence The subculture of violence The facts about homicide How serial killers differ from ordinary killers, the types of serial killers, and profiling Why homicide rates are higher in the U.S. Basic information about rape and robbery 2 Property Crime Be sure to know: The difference between a professional thief and an occasional property offender Why employees steal and what they steal. The process of becoming an embezzler The types of arson and auto theft The definition of burglary White Collar/Corporate Crime Be sure you know: The types of white collar crime The types of corporate crime Where deviance can be traced to The extent of the problem Why it is so bad 3 ...
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