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1 KEEP THIS CLOSED ON YOUR DESK UNTIL THE START OF THE TEST NO NOTES or BOOKS PERMITTED MODELS MUST BE UNASSEMBLED AT START OF TEST THIS IS VERSION A. ANSWERS FOR ALL 3 VERSIONS ARE ON END. BCH 2333B Midterm 1 Professor: Kleine, Mezl A Wednesday January 30, 2008 36 QUESTIONS - 72 MINUTES Materials needed: One computer answer sheet This exam Faculty of Science approved calculators are permitted. INSTRUCTIONS Pick the BEST answer for each multiple choice question AT THE END - Verify that your name and student number are on the answer sheet . Hand in just the computer answer sheet. Keep the exam: a corrected exam will be posted at the web site
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2 1. To evaluate the configuration of an asymmetric carbon on the surface of a big molecule using a 3D visualization program (like CHIME), you would ask for the display: A) Ball & Stick B) Strand C) Spacefill D) Molecular surface E) Van der Waals 2. This question identifies the version of the test that you are writing. Verify that it says A on your answer sheet as the answer to this question. IF IT DOES NOT, INFORM THE PROCTOR IMMEDIATELY! 3. The length of a C-H bond is about : A) 0.015 nm B) 0.10 nm C) 0.16 nm D) 0.28 nm E) 1.5 nm
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