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I. Endocrine system: 1. A series of glands that secretes hormones directly into the blood 2. Regulates mood, growth, metabolism, development and reproduction 3. Functions via hormone signaling: 1. Somewhat like NT, although more widespread. 2. Hormones are released via exocytosis 3. Hormones bind to receptor proteins inside a cell or on the cell membrane 4. Steroid receptors are typically intracellular 1. Steroid are transported into nucleus, where they make genetic changes 5. Activate signal transduction. 6. May differ depending on the receptor. 1. Usually involves phosphorylation or dephosphorylation, eventually causing changes such as membrane permeability. 7. Hormone production is mediated by negative feedback: 1. Specifically, an increase in the effect of the hormone leads to a decrease in production. 2. Trophic hormones stimulate the production of other hormones (releasing factors) II. Hypothalamus: 1. The master controller of hormone release 2. Controls: 1. temperature 2. behavioral state (eg sleep) 3. fluid homeostasis (thirst) 4. food intake 5. reproductive function 6. immune function 7. autonomic functions 3. Based on information it receives from the CNS. 4. Inputs include: 1. limbic forebrain 2. brainstem (reticular formation, autonomic zones) 5. responds to: 1. light 2. olfactory stimuli 3. stress 4. bloodstream information 5. body temperature 6. steroids 7. organs: incl the heart, stomach and reproductive tract
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cogs107cs2 - I. Endocrine system: 1. A series of glands...

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