CTCS 190 lecture – week V composition

CTCS 190 lecture – week V composition - CTCS 190 LECTURE...

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CTCS 190 LECTURE OUTLINE – Week V – 9/25/07 CODE OF COMPOSTITION (code of the director) A. Composition – two-dimensional shape turned into three-dimension---to make it real 1. Framing – boundaries of the motion picture area – art is made up of boundaries – must select what to show (selection and ordering) a. When you select and order in a way that you feel is the same are what others feel, it is successful b. Aspect ratios 1. grapes of wrath = classical ratio 2. babettes feast = wide screen (5.5 width to 3 height – 1.85 aspect ratio) 3. 4 units of width to 3 units of height (classical) = 1.33 ratio 4. panovision (7.05 width to 3 height) – aspect ratio = 2.35 c. Aesthetic considerations (On-screen) 1. A frame makes contrast 2. The main attention goes to the center – or you can de- center like Hitchcock 3. Top-heavy = lots of people and lighting at top of frame ----it dominates you 4. Bottom-heavy – audience has the power 5. Players on the edge – unbalanced, unnatural, anxiety(cliff, danger) 6. Right side is stronger because we read from left to right 7. If frame is on the side, things are out of order and hectic (oblique) 8. Brake frame with two contrasting colors, black and white, lots of people vs one person, foreground people vs background 9. Mask or matte frame by changing frame shape (perescope turns film to circular) why is the frame changed and what shape?) 10. Double frame – accentuates d. On-screen vs. Off-screen space 1. Off-screen: the world spills over the frame
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CTCS 190 lecture – week V composition - CTCS 190 LECTURE...

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