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HISTORY 240 – LECTURE 11/26/07 NAFTA and EUROPEAN UNION Industries of mass business o Hotels (Hotel Del Coronado) Despite inevitable WWII with japan, US still sent scrap metal to japan Movie industry had European ties Many historic wealthy people have ties with asian-pacific trade Relationship to mexico was very problematic History with Canada Competition for investment with Mexico Mexican people formed economic, banking, and cultural ties with Germany o Shared history with us
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Unformatted text preview: • Colonial history (colony of the world) • Bank of Italy ---Bank of America • 1943 – LA = second largest Mexican city • creation of new urban belt between mex/AM border o phoenix, Houston, Miami, SD • Ω ☁ • NAFTA – • Privatization – Mexicans got out of business • Army is not in businesses • Am companies willing to go to Mexico and prove they can make money • Ford relocates to northern mexico • • •...
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